Stinson/Bolinas Community Fund

Local Grants for Locals

Recent Grants


Bolinas Stinson Summer Camp $3,000.00 – To fund special projects, expenses of counselor training, and start a scholarship fund for Advanced Camper Backpack Prog.

Spectrum Surf Camps $500.00 To provide funding for a local intern.

BSUSD $1,500.00 – To provide support for the Fall 2015-16 school year.

 Stinson Beach Preschool $3,000.00 – To provide tuition assistance to as many families in need as possible

 Bolinas Children's Center $2,850.00 – To provide funding to renew contract with bilingual parent and provide support for Latino families.

 Bolinas-Stinson Youth Group $3,000.00 – To provide funding to continue the Den program

 Bolinas Bay Performing ArtsTheater on the Lagoon $1,445.00 - To support growth of the Bolinas Bay Performing Arts.

 Common Voice Choir $1,000.00 – To provide scholarships to participants

 Food For Families $3,000.00 – To support weekly meal deliveries to local community members with illness, surgery, infants or seniors

 Bolinas Community Center $1,540.00  – Senior Stretch Classes - To reimburse BCC for rent.

 Bolinas Museum $1,500.00 – To provide funding for the Arts and Issues Series

 Bolinas Community Land Trust $2,000.00 – To provide a stipend for local youth interns

 Coastal Health Alliance $1500 – To provide funding for acquiring a mobile dental van

 Bolinas Community Center $1,400.00 – To provide funding for the purchase of a Hand Dryer


Food For Families $1300 – To provide funding for a weekly program that provides prepared meals to local seniors, families, and individuals in need.

The Bolinas Children’s Center $3000 – To provide matching tuition for families in need.

The Stinson Beach Preschool $3000 – To provide funding for tuition assistance.

Bolinas Stinson Beach School $1860 – To provide funding for the Green Team Edible Garden project.

Claire Blotter $800 – To provide funding for poetry classes at the Bolinas Stinson Beach School.

The Bolinas Museum $1000 – To provide funding for the Artists in the Schools program.

Bolinas Bay Performing Arts $2000 – To fund the musical theater project – The Addams Family.

Bolinas Children’s After School Theater $2275 – To provide funding for the afterschool theater class.

Patrice Daly $2000 – To provide funding for the production of “God of Carnage”.

Bolinas Stinson Summer Camp $3000 – To provide tuition assistance for families in need.

Bolinas Community Center $1400 – To provide funding for the replacement of hall chairs.

West Marin Senior Services $3000 – To provide support for homecare coordination, senior exercise classes, emergency funding and meal delivery.

Love Dogs For Life $1300 – To provide funding for pet care to community members with financial difficulties.

The Briones Lions Club $1400 – To provide funding for the annual 4th of July parade costs.

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