Stinson/Bolinas Community Fund

Local Grants for Locals

Recent Grants


Serita Basilio-Lewis – Food For Families $3000 – To support weekly meal deliveries to community members with illness, surgery, infants and seniors.

West Marin Senior Services $2000 – To provide support for homecare coordination and senior exercise classes.

The Bolinas Museum $2500 – To provide funding for the Artists in the Schools series.

Bolinas Stinson Summer Camp $3000 – To provide tuition assistance for the summer camp program.

Bolinas Bay Performing Arts $2000 – To fund production support for a musical theater project.

Bolinas Stinson Beach School $2000 – To provide funding for the After School program.

Joanna Haigood $610 – To provide funding for a Youth Aerial Arts performance in Bolinas.

Bolinas Community Center $1000 – To provide funding for an access ramp into the hall.

The Stinson Beach Preschool $3000 – To provide funding for tuition assistance.

The Bolinas Children’s Center - $3000 – To provide support for the expansion of the toddler program.

West Marin Advocacy Group $3000 – To provide funding for a family services program in Bolinas and Stinson Beach.

Melinda Stone – Roadside Cinema $1500 – To provide funding for a monthly film series at Gospel Flat Farm Stand.

Bolinas Stinson Youth Group $3000 – To provide funding to continue the Den program.

Lisa Townsend – BCAST $1200 – To provide funding for a children’s after school theater class.



Bolinas Museum $1000 -
Arts & Issues Series

Serita Basilio-Lewis $3000 -
Food For Families

Ilka Hartmann $2300 -
Latino Bolinas Photography Exhibit

Bolinas Children's Center $2210 -
Staffing for Toddler Program

Bolinas Bay Performing Arts $1200 -
West Marin Chamber Singers & Bolinas Choir

Claire Blotter $2316.43 -
Poetry on the Page and Out Loud at Bolinas School

Bolinas Stinson Summer Camp $3000 -
Arts and Education

Friends of Sam's House $1500 -
FOSH Art Show and Sale

Bolinas-Stinson Beach School $2000 -
After School Program

Bolinas-Stinson Youth Group $3000 -
Trails for Teens

Erika Townsend $1500 -
After School/ Community Ballet - Mirrors

West Marin Senior Services $3000 -
Homecare Coordination

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